Star Wars - Episode II: Darkness and Shadows

Episode I – Chapter VI

You win some – you loose some

As masters of deception, the companions slipped pass the Imperials who found no reason question their cargo manifest, and allowed the transport – with the Black Hawk attached – to pass the blockade and land on the surface.

The unexpected arrival of the Grand Moff’s flagship, spoiled the plan for a secret landing, as he notified all ships of the transports identity and a direct hit on the back of the transport told the companions that they were in for a fight.

In the attempt to control their crash landing the Black Hawk broke free of the Mag-lock and where lost somewhere in the thick forests of the planet.

The landing didn’t go smooth, but as the ship ground to a halt, the earth gave way under the belly of the transport and the ship started to sink. Luckily the ship had landed exactly on the site of an old temple and and it settled in the great hall of the temple, hiding it form view of the imperials.

It didnt take long before our companions had a surprise visit from Charles’ old Wookie friend, and after a short introduction, the wookies started work on the damaged engine.
Meanwhile Shota had discovered a way into the old temple, and following a figure that only she could see, the group headed into the darkness. A surprise attack by two Nexu, left one of them dead, and the other running for cover in the darkness.

Thru an unknown force, Shota was able to bypass the old Jedi locks only to find herself in a room with a strange blue glow. A ghost of small green Jedi master measured her mettle, and deemed her worthy of the reward a small Ilum crystal!

Coming out of the temple, they found themselves surrounded by Stormtroopers and in the middle of a firefight between the Imperials and the Wookies. Making their way to the transport, they decided to take the fight to the Empire, and launched the stole TIE Phantom. Blasting the ground troops and wrecking an incoming AT-AT, the TIE soon found itself engaged as a Lambda Class Shuttle with two escorts where entering the fray. While the fighters where engaged, the Shuttle made a low pass over the battlefield revealing a heavily armed dark figure in the opening of the from hatch. The figure jumped out of the flying shuttle and took command of the ground troops focusing on Shota – who he called out by name!

It was an Imperial Inquisitor, and whit help from the Wookies, Shota fired up the transport in an attempt to escape. The Inquisitor was armed with a Lightsaber and could breach the hull in no time should he choose to.

Meanwhile Charles and Ormi had defeated the Imperials, and went looking for the Black Hawk.

How did the Empire find them so fast? Was it pure luck or is there something else at work?



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